Paying tribute to Sheriff Ladson O'Connor

Paying tribute to Sheriff Ladson O'connor

MOUNT VERNON, GA (WTOC) - Nearly a year ago, Montgomery County Sheriff Ladson O'Connor was killed in a crash while chasing a suspect.

Last week, his widow and family witnessed him memorialized in a national tribute.

Police Memorial Week in Washington pays tribute to fallen officers, particularly those killed in the last year. That remembrance now strikes a chord in Montgomery County.

Family of the Ladson O'Connor went to the memorial last week to help pay tribute to the sheriff who was killed last June.  His widow, a GBI agent herself, says the family could not have been more honored.

"They tell you it's amazing. But when you step off that plan and people are saluting," said Danielle O'Connor. "They take care of you and they're there to let his children know, let his family know, that he won't be forgotten, that they won't be forgotten."

Tuesday, Telmate - a national company - presented the O'Connor family with one of their annual $1,000 scholarships for the sheriff's children, further reminder of his sacrifice.

"It's really a healing process, to see so many families dealing with the same pain you're feeling," said Dale Clark, family member.

O'Connor says the scholarship, and the memorial in Washington, reinforce the spirit of law enforcement.

"The thin blue line is a tight knit line, and when you're family, you're family," said O'Connor.

The man arrested in the chase that killed Sheriff O'Connor still awaits trial on multiple charges, including murder.

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