Storms damage several homes in Bloomingdale

Storms damage several homes in Bloomingdale

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Tuesday, rain flooded streets across our area and strong winds even ripped up trees in some places.

Portions of Victory Drive were completely shut down due to flooding Tuesday afternoon. WTOC spoke with one woman who lives on this road earlier and she said this is the worse she's seen it in a decade.

"It's always been a problem. Today has been more than anything, because usually it be out in the street. Today it came up to the second step of my porch. That's a lot of water," said Shirley Price, lives on Victory Drive.

Victory Drive looked more like a river in some places Tuesday afternoon, with knee-deep water trapping a car, and diverting countless others during the evening rush hour.

But while the storms were just a traffic inconvenience for some, it was a close call for others.

"I just thank the good Lord that we're all safe. It could've been disastrous," said Bloomingdale resident Larry Joyner, Jr.

Strong winds ripped up more than a dozen trees on Joyner's property in Bloomingdale, damaging his camper and his chicken coop. One of those trees just missed the room where his wife and youngest son were taking cover.

"Yeah, a few more feet, it would've been done. I would've been minus a wife and a son," he said.

Next door, his neighbor's car port was demolished. And two streets over, a tarp now covers Dexter Shearhouse's home.

"When I got almost to my road, it got to raining so hard that I couldn't see the road. The wind was going sideways," said Shearhouse.

That wind ripped the roof off his home. Within an hour, friends and church members were there to help put up the tarp. He says he'll likely have to replace the whole roof, but tonight he's just grateful his family is safe.

"Yeah, it could've done a lot of damage, and if my wife and I would've been in there... a'int no telling," said Shearhouse.

There hasn't been any official confirmation of tornado activity, but the National Weather Service in Charleston is now investigating to determine if that was the case.

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