Afghan Officers Study Marine Training

For the past couple of days, Marine recruits at Parris Island have been helping to train members of the Afghan National Army. They're showing them how to turn everyday men and woman into a top-notch fighting force in just 13 weeks.

For the past three years, these Afghan military officers fought side by side with American Marines, hunting down Taliban rebels. Now they're learning what makes the American Marine one of the most lethal fighters in the world.

"I come here to learn some things from Marine Corps because in Afghanistan I have the Marine Corps advisors with me," said Lt. Col. Ishaq Tamkin.

Last October, with the help of American and coalition forces, the Afghan people successfully held their first free presidential elections in years. Now with parliamentary elections coming up, these Afghan officers want to develop their own military to protect them from Taliban rebels and other outside forces.

"They've learned everything, they learned all about how we train recruits, what kind of training our officers go through, what our fleet Marine force units do and how they're organized, so they've really seen the whole range of Marine training," said Col. Randy Sinnott of the Marine Corps.

These Afghan soldiers say these unique training techniques can help them get their own military up to speed.

Like in the United States, the Afghan military is voluntary. But unlike the United States, they do not allow women.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,