Girl Scouts Buy Cookies for Troops

You probably buy a box of Girl Scout cookies or two when the kids come around. But we found one Statesboro troop buying cookies and giving them away to some very grateful soldiers.

To the Girl Scouts of Troop 070, Iraq is not just some place. It's where friends and heroes of the 1-9 Field Artillery are stationed to defend their country.

"We've met all these guys before, so knowing we're helping them out is awesome," said Girl Scout Spencer Dutton.

Their help comes in the form of Girl Scout cookies and lots of them. The girls collected money to buy cases and cases. Commanders from Fort Stewart and the wives of deployed soldiers picked them up Monday in Statesboro.

The gift of the cookies--59 cases in all--isn't the troop's first gesture. They've sent cookies twice already.

Before the troops deployed, Troop 070 gave them miniature American flags. In WTOC's visit to the Third Infantry in Kuwait, we saw most if not all soldiers carry them every day.

"For a soldier who goes out on patrol and comes back to a box of Girl Scout cookies, it takes your breath away to know you're doing something good and folks at home appreciate it," said Capt. Kevin Koger.

For troop mother Janet Barber, the effort is personal. "With my son just going to basic, it definitely hits me," she said. "At least I can hope someone's going to take care of him. That's how military families are."

While it takes the girls weeks to raise the money for cookies, they say it's the least they can do.

This is the troop's third cookie donation since 2003 and its biggest so far.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,