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Residents, officials attend Casey South drainage meeting

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Residents that could be affected by a storm water drainage project in Savannah are getting a closer look at what the city plans to do.

The meeting is at Calvary Baptist Temple off Waters Avenue, and city officials are walking people through the plans for the Casey South Phase Two project.

Flooding concerns are on a lot of people's minds, especially after the rain we got earlier this week.

So it's only fitting that Thursday, people in Savannah's 4th District are learning more about a project that will be a big help with ushering out the standing water faster, that many had to deal with on Tuesday. 

City engineers are planning to take the majority of the piping down Columbus Drive, where wider roads and a median make installation easier. But for folks who remember the first phase of this project from more than a decade ago, the prospect of plate driving is a concern.

The plates are a measure of protection for the pipes, but the method that is used to drive them in cause vibrations in the ground, and can damage foundations.

“I was slightly concerned that one person was saying that they are not going to have to do that, then another person I spoke to said they may have to do that, especially when they go as deep as they do at Harmon and 56th,” said Tom Lyle, attending the meeting.

"I won't rule it out. Hopefully we won't have to. And the majority of the project we shouldn't need them,” said City of Savannah Storm Water Management Director Roger Raines.

A city spokesperson says they are keeping detailed files on each household along the planned route for this storm water drainage project, and will keep track of any damage done.

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