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Tim's Take: The 3 year old and the fire captain


Savannah has seen how big Jimmy Grismer's heart is.

He has been an ambassador for Savannah's Tunnel to Towers run since it started five years ago, connecting our local event to the national organization it benefits.

Now the whole world is finding out what we know about the New York City fire captain. Recently, Grismer responded to a call on a kitchen fire at the Ronald McDonald House in Manhattan. That's where he met 3-year-old cancer patient Trucker Dukes. And that's when both of their lives changed.

"Jimmy extended his arms out,” said Jim Grismer, a Savannah resident and Capt. Grismer’s father. “And the kid ran up his arms and was around his neck in a moment.”

"Trucker, who doesn't go to anybody his mom says, he just jumped into Jimmy's arms and a friendship was born,” added Jane Grismer, Capt. Grismer’s sister. “Jimmy has taken him all over the city and introduced him to other fire houses and they've really taken a liking to him.”

Trucker loves fire trucks and firefighters.

His dad is a firefighter in Hawaii and when he saw the New York City firefighters, he was drawn to them. And them to him.

The guys took Trucker back to their upper Eastside firehouse, gave him a tour, put him on their fire engine and even had a third birthday party for him.

And soon, there will be an even bigger treat for the little boy.

"He is going to be sworn in as an FDNY honorary member on May 31st,” said Jane Grismer, race director for Savannah’s Tunnel to Towers Run. “Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro is going to swear him in.”

The story of the 3 year old and the fire captain has gone viral, picked up by national and international news outlets.

And now it’s coming back to Savannah, where other members of the Grismer family are not surprised by what Jimmy did.

"That's been his style,” Jim Grismer said of his son. “All his little nephews love him, so it's no wonder he would take up this case.”

"That's just Jimmy,” added Jane Grismer. “He's an amazing person. He has such a beautiful heart and great soul. I'm proud of him.”

It's a pride Savannah can share in a guy who represents our city in New York.

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