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Phase one of the Boundary Street Project close to completion

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The Boundary Street Project in Beaufort is moving right along, as work crews finish the first phase on one side of the road.

One thing people can expect to see more of is more work crews that will be handling the underground pipes and wiring, and redoing those shoulders on the side of the road. Thanks to some adjustments by the City of Beaufort, one thing people can't expect to see are those huge traffic back-ups we were seeing when the project first kicked off.

The Boundary Street Project is supposed to last at least two years. And with crews working rapidly to complete phase one, the city is hopeful it will meet this deadline.

"Right now we're in the process of wrapping up the right hand side of the duck bank, if you travel down the project now you will notice that one of our partners, SCEG, is installing equipment on the right side,” said Beaufort Senior Project Manager David Coleman.

After those utility lines go underground, sidewalks and curbing come next. Since tourism season is quickly approaching, the city has already made some adjustments to help ease the flow of traffic, like adding a left turn signal.

"That seems to be doing a really good job on helping move the traffic through. A lot of folks are doing U-turns, a lot of folks are turning into Kmart to go to other places, but just that little bit of fine tuning, adjustment during the construction period has made a major impact on the project,” said Coleman.

Adjustments that are also making a big impact on the drivers.

"Because I noticed before they did that I sit in the line for a long time to go to Bank of America, but now that they did that it moves things quicker for us. So it made a huge difference adding that signal to the traffic light,” said The World is Alive Church Pastor Jerry Green.

And when it comes to tourism, many people don't think the construction will have a negative effect.

“Most of these tourists come from out of town they understand progress, because I'm sure in their own city they have changes going on and have to detour a little bit, but they'll understand I don't think the tourists will mind what's going on,” said Pastor Green.

Tourism is actually one reason this project is so important. In addition to beautifying the entrance to the city, the project will also help increase the capacity of this road by allowing more cars to pass through intersections in smaller periods of time.

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