Bluffton Township Fire District: New engines paid for by recent grant

Bluffton Township Fire District: New engines paid for by recent grant

BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - The Bluffton Township Fire District will have some new engines on the road by the end of the summer.

The district is getting a total of 10 new apparatus that have been designed by the department.

The first of the fleet has already begun to arrive and is currently having the necessary radios and emergency tools installed in them. Another difference you may notice is the change in appearance, the new apparatus will be black and red instead of the traditional all red fire trucks.

The engines are one of the items being paid for by the huge grant the district received earlier this year.

In addition to being designed to specifically meet the needs of the Bluffton Fire District, the new trucks will also help the district to be on one page.

"With these new apparatus, one of the things we will see almost immediately is it is standard across the board. So when we do a training program for new drivers it's the same pump, same apparatus, how they drive, same equipment, pulls the hose the same way, it's going to be standard across the board now," said Bluffton Township Fire District Cpt. Randy Hunter.

The district adds that once the new apparatus are on the streets, the old engines will be taken out of rotation and sold for money to be put back into the district.

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