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Finishing the run for Frank Barham

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A year ago Friday, an Atlanta musician was killed on Georgia Highway 21 in Screven County while he was traveling from Atlanta to Savannah in his wheelchair.

Frank Barham had set out on his Wheel2Live Tour to help others with disabilities. His trip was cut short 42 miles before the finish.

Now, one man is honoring him by running the final 42 miles on the one year anniversary of his death. A close friend of Frank Barham's set out Friday morning with one goal in mind: Celebrating Frank's life and mission by finishing a mission cut short by tragedy.

Ben Gray set out on his marathon un-phased by dozens of miles of roadway to run. Gray isn't only remembering his close friend by taking on this run, he's using it to remind everyone that a disabled person should not be defined by the wheelchair that they use every day.

He wants to remind everyone that there are people around the world just like Frank, who was an accomplished musician in the Atlanta area.

We caught on with him in the middle of his run Friday, and he told us what this journey means to him and what it meant to Frank.

"I was good friends with him, I'm good friends with his wife. It just felt like somebody had to do it. He was really coming to terms with a lot of things during his trip, and it seemed like his life was really coming together. For it to be cut off like that is just such a tragic thing to have happened,” said Gray.

Gray took off Friday morning from the same spot of where that tragic crash happened one year ago, and finished at Trinity Methodist Christian Church in Savannah.

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