Beaufort County Council discussing millage rate increase

Beaufort County Council to describe on sales tax referendum

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - Own a home in Beaufort County? Your taxes could be going up.

Monday night, county council will meet at the Bluffton Library to consider raising property taxes to offset the school district's revenue shortage.

This is just the first of three readings. County council will decide if they should increase property taxes so the district won't be operating in the negative next school year.

The school district says it's dealing with a $5 million tax revenue shortfall, and it's asking the county to help them make up for it by increasing property taxes. County council says they'll
go over the school district's proposal and decide if this tax increase is in the best interest of the taxpayers and the 23,000 students in the district.

"People who have children in school don't pay school operating taxes. Only businesses and second homes pay school operating taxes and that kind of distorts the system, so it makes it real difficult for the school district to generate operating revenue especially when people who have 2nd homes and turning them into primary homes. So this is kind of like the last man standing," said Beaufort County Council Chairman Paul Sommerville.

The school district says it needs this money to keep operating. We'll tell you what this tax increase would pay for coming up on THE News at 6.

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