Heavy rain raises caskets in Woodville Cemetery

Heavy rain raises caskets in Woodville Cemetery

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Over the weekend, a Savannah family reached out to WTOC upset about the condition of some graves at a private cemetery off Bay Street.

After a week of heavy rainfall, the land Woodville Cemetery sits on became water-logged. So saturated, caskets actually floated to the surface, pushing up the stone slabs covering them.

One woman has a message for anyone with a loved one buried at Woodville.

"Make sure your loved one is getting the proper care that you would want them to get. If you paid your money to have your loved one buried in this cemetery, it should not be like this. And it's very disturbing," said Quantina Williams, upset about the condition of son's grave.

We did speak with grounds keepers working to fix the gravesites on Monday.  They say most of the graves are on the surface, and not in vaults.  So anytime there is heavy rainfall, some of the caskets do float to the surface.

But they add they are aware of the issue, and work quickly to fix any disturbed sites.

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