Time for Georgia peaches

Time for Georgia peaches

JENKINS CO. (WTOC) - If you love peaches, this is your time of the year as the crop in Georgia blooms.

A milder, even warm, winter from months ago has these peaches coming in strong and ready for customers.

Linda Newton at Ogeechee Peaches has been picking as fast as she can for almost a week. A new variety planted two years ago produces fruit earlier in the year so they're on track for a bigger crop.

"Oh absolutely! And those trees don't even produce quite as much fruit as they eventually will," said Newton.

In their orchard of 1,500 trees have a baker's dozen - 13 varieties - that ripen at different times through the season. The Newtons sell at their farm, but also take them to farmer's markets in Statesboro, Vidalia and Millen. Linda says they sell different varieties at each.

"Some varieties are better for shipping. We have one variety - July Prince - that is a very good shipping peach," said Newton.

She says a mild summer with some moderate rain along the way will make this one of their best seasons ever. But they hope that rain doesn't bring violent weather. Severe wind or hail could bring this bumper crop to a crashing end.

Here at Ogeechee Farms, they hope the late varieties will last all the way into August.

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