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Savannah man arrested for attempted kidnapping

Derrick Briscoe, (Source: SCMPD). Derrick Briscoe, (Source: SCMPD).

A neighborhood on Savannah's east side has reason to be on-edge after an attempted kidnapping over the weekend.

Now some are questioning why the suspect was even out on the streets in the first place.

He has a rap sheet dating back to 2001. But it wasn't until this year that police say he graduated to more daring, even more violent crimes, leading up to this weekend's charges. 

"It's usually a quiet neighborhood. We don't have things like this happen here, but it's happening all over Savannah, not just here. So something needs to be done about it,” said Fran Luce, lives off Skidaway Road.

It was in the 4700 block, just south of LaRoche, where police say 32-year-old Derrick Briscoe tried to kidnap a 16-year-old girl Sunday.

She got away, and an hour later, Metro police arrested Briscoe. Taking him to the same jail he just got out of two months earlier. 

"They know they can go in for six months and do short time and come out,” said Joni Love, neighbor.

In February, Briscoe was charged with stabbing a man after he reportedly was not hired for a job. But less than a month later he bonded out for $2,500. An amount less than for most DUI charges.

Love lives down the street from Sunday’s attempted kidnapping. She's disappointed in how repeat offenders like Briscoe can slip through the cracks and then commit crimes in her neighborhood.

"It's just a large volume of people that are committing these crimes, so maybe we don't have the exact number of employees we need to be assigned to that area,” said Love.

Others told me its cases like this that are contributing to Savannah's crime problem as a whole.

"Well, I think it is a big problem. It needs to be addressed, taken care of. Get him off the streets and those like him,” said Luce.

Briscoe is charged with false imprisonment, but police say other charges are likely to follow. No word on the bond for this crime yet. He was due in court Monday afternoon.

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