Chatham County voter turnout appears low

Chatham County voter turnout appears low

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Some very important races being decided Tuesday on the local, state and even federal level.

It is tough to get people out for these local elections, especially for a primary, and it appears that the turnout was low.

WTOC talked to the Chatham County Board of Elections chairman Tuesday afternoon, he said it looks like the trend of folks staying home in elections like these rang true Tuesday. Keep in mind though, this is not just a primary for some. There are several races where there are only Democrats on the ballot. So the winner Tuesday will keep that seat for the whole term.

The chairman did sound disappointed though when WTOC asked him about turnout Tuesday.

"Turnout looks low. It looks disappointing. We still have time though, we still have time for people to get out there and vote. We are hoping to get a rush once folks get off work," said Board of Elections Chairman Tom Mahoney.

He stresses though that these are just observations, that they do not even start counting the votes until polls close at 7 p.m.

We talked to some polling locations that have not seen more than 100 people. Where in years past, they have seen double that.

We have heard of some issues Tuesday as far as polling locations, changes in polling locations. Here is what the chairman told me.

"The major thing I would say is, depending on the major races is that the polls are split along different lines so that can cause some confusion for voters. Looking at which district you are in, for which race, that can always lead to some questions," said Mahoney.

The polling location at the Bull Street Baptist Church in Savannah was relocated across the street. The workers there think that may have something to do with low numbers there but they say they normally see greater turnout. More than double than what they're seeing Tuesday afternoon.

"Last election was a little bit slow, but we had a little over 200, so that was better. Some voters did absentee voting, but I don't feel that was the case today," said Assistant Poll Manager Ericka Murchison.

Remember if you are coming out, the chairman says it is good to check where your polling location is first. Also remember those essentials like your photo I.D.

Tuesday the candidate needs 50 percent plus one vote. Top two, if needed, will go to a runoff July 26.

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