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Buddy Carter discusses prescription drug addiction


Georgia Congressman and Pharmacist, Buddy Carter, had a discussion on prescription drug addiction on C-SPAN Wednesday morning.

Carter said prescription painkillers are a problem he has witnessed first-hand.

“This is a national epidemic, this is something we need to get under control,” said Carter. “I’ve seen it ruin careers, I’ve seen it ruin lives.”

Carter said it is going to take a team effort between doctors, the government and pharmaceutical companies. He said those on the front lines, such as pharmacists and doctors need to carefully monitor each patient. Carter acknowledged that this is a sensitive issue because people do not want anybody in their medicine cabinet. He said in states like Kentucky, doctors are required to use a database to check out a patient’s drug prescription use and this may be something to look at on a larger scale.

“The leading cause of death now in America is drug abuse. It has now passed car accidents as a leading cause of death,” said Carter. “It’s evolved into an epidemic.”

The Congressman said another problem is addressing someone’s pain. What one might think is painful, another may not. People who really need the pain medications should not potentially be prevented from getting them.

He also said there is a void between drugs you can get over the counter and prescription drugs, which you can become very quickly addicted to. He said big pharmaceutical companies need to help fill that void.

But Congressman Carter also said he has seen many advances in medication over his 30-year career, and he is confident that they can continue to do just that. 

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