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Good News: Ben Tucker documentary


Ben Tucker left memories as vivid as his music and a legacy of affecting everyone he met.

Now the Savannah College of Art and Design is looking back on the late musician's impact on Savannah with a feature-length documentary.

"This man, there were so many things that he has done and experienced in his life,” said SCAD film professor Ken Daniel, “but it was always with a smile on his face, he was always mentoring people, he was the quintessential teacher.”

While the documentary will be hosted by Ben Vereen and include music-industry giants, Ben's Savannah friends are invited to share their stories tomorrow at SCAD's Hamilton Hall and provide a personal touch that will give the film its personality.

"There's so many things he has done and so many aspects of Savannah he has touched,” said student executive producer Charly Culberson, “that we might not know all of them.”

"I'm sure everyone has some interesting story of when they met Ben,” added Abe Ross, a SCAD senior and the project’s lead writer. “Personally, I'm most interested in when Ben changed something for them or there was a moment with Ben that was really important to them.”

The documentary on Tucker has been in production for months and the producers have already interviewed dozens of national and local musicians Tucker worked with as well as music industry insiders.

But the stories SCAD collects Friday will show various sides of Tucker and could be as valuable to the final project as any celebrity interviews previously conducted.

"It's much more important,” said Daniel. “This documentary is for Savannah. You go outside Savannah and ask 'who is Ben Tucker' and most people are not going to know who Ben Tucker was. But this is a documentary that we want the people of Savannah to embrace and say, we lost Ben three years ago, but here's a reminder of what a wonderful person he was.”

And in making the documentary, the SCAD students involved have discovered why Ben Tucker is not forgotten and should always be remembered.

"Just his raw kindness and generosity to everyone around him,” production sound mixer Joe Elfanbaum said was the most impressive thing he has learned about Tucker. “That's just a constant thing in everyone we talked to that he was just an amazing person. He's an amazing man and made some amazing music and worked with some amazing people.”

And knew a lot more who get to tell their stories Friday.

If you are interested in sharing a memory about Ben Tucker that could be used in the documentary, call 301.802.2004 to arrange an interview. Interviews will be conducted Friday between 5 and 9 p.m. at SCAD’s Hamilton Hall at 522 Indian Street.

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