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Lowcountry police focusing on road safety over Memorial Day Weekend

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Law enforcement in the Lowcountry are keeping a close eye on the interstate over the holiday weekend.

Friday, police officers from five different counties are working in Ridgeland to make sure
drivers are obeying the laws.   

Some may call this a speed trap, but law enforcement says it’s a safety measure to keep the millions of drivers traveling for Memorial Day Weekend safe. In the first hour of its Memorial Day operation, police used laser technology to catch drivers traveling 10, 20 and even 30 miles over the 70 miles per hour speed limit.

“You use this unit to point at a vehicle, and this laser beam touches the front of that vehicle basically and it gives you the speed of that vehicle,” said Ridgeland Police Department Sgt. Tim East.

More than two dozen drivers were ticketed before lunch.

“We’re targeting speeders, drivers under the influence, alcohol, drugs, anything like that, open containers, child restraints, and seatbelts, basically anything that’s enforceable in traffic law,” said Sgt. East.

Police say contrary to what many people believe, they aren’t handing out tickets to make money or to ruin your holiday weekend. They know speeding, drunk, reckless and distracting driving kills, and they’re trying to prevent that from happening.  

“It’s very efficient in reducing our total collision and things we have on the weekends, especially since it’s a holiday weekend when there’s a lot more traffic out there. It’s just one of our efforts where we’re trying to reduce fatalities and collisions in the state of South Carolina,” said Sgt. East.

Ridgeland Police, along with law enforcement statewide, will be out in full force throughout the holiday weekend. They say the best way to avoid a collision or a ticket is to obey the traffic laws and keep an eye on the speed limit. 

Millions of people are traveling for Memorial Day and police are slowing traffic down to keep you out of harm’s way. Officials say they’re looking for things that could put people in danger.

“If the tags are suspended, we’ve actually gotten handguns out of vehicles that were illegal. Open containers in the vehicles, child restraints, and seat belt violations. As a matter of fact, we’ve come up with stolen vehicles before. It’s just basically a zero a tolerance weekend,” said Sgt. East.

Ridgeland Police say they’ll be using their laser technology Friday through the rest of Memorial Day Weekend.

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