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Consider This!: Victory Drive

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It was originally named Estill Avenue, but renamed Victory Drive in 1919 when palm trees were planted to commemorate the citizens from Savannah and Chatham County who lost their lives in World War I.

Those palms were added to until it was said to be the longest avenue of palms in the nation, a place of azalea-lined beauty and historic significance worthy of the name “World Famous Victory Drive.”

Look at it now. Barren and blighted, the victim of half a century of commercial development and neglect. It can no longer be said to honor those who died to bring victory to America in World War 1.

Those veterans and you deserve better.

Consider this: Savannah’s downtown is a place of unsurpassed beauty, but why must that beauty end at the edge of the historic district. For citizens and tourists alike, Victory Drive is a major thoroughfare and a major opportunity for the city to show off its unique southern charm.

As the Memorial Day holiday draws our attention, let’s commit the resources to again honor our Veterans and restore “World Famous Victory Drive.

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