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Some Bulloch County roads still closed from flood waters

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Tropical Storm Bonnie has come and gone, but many areas are still under water, including parts of Bulloch County. 

There were at least five or six roads that I found Monday, and I'm sure there are more, many of them dirt roads. But that didn't stop people from having fun on this Memorial Day holiday.

“Playing in the streams, were having fun, just playing in the water.”

Bryson and Bree found some fun Monday playing in a stream caused by flood waters on a dirt road in Stilson.

"We probably have more dirt roads in Bulloch County than any other county in the state that I know of,” said Stan Lee.

Lee, who grew up in this area, was driving around the county looking at some of the flood damage as well. There was a lot of closed roads because water was either still on them or the ground was just too soft to drive over, or it was completely washed out.

"Washouts are not totally uncommon we have them from time to time. But not anything quite this dramatic this was a tremendous amount of water that fell on the earth,” said Lee.

This is just one of the many road closed signs that you'll see in the county and while some of that water has gone down - a lot of the roads you just can't pass over.

"Never quite seen anything like this in this area, I haven't in my lifetime,” said Lee.

"We're just having fun like regular people have fun,” said Bryson and Bree.

Some of the roads that are closed include McElveen Road, Dan Beasley Road, Alex Knight Road and JW Lane Road.

I made some calls to Bulloch County officials to see when they would start working on some of these roads, but because of the holiday, we have not heard back. As soon as we do, we'll pass it along.

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