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Statesboro officers buy basketballs, goals for kids

(Source: Statesboro PD Facebook page) (Source: Statesboro PD Facebook page)

A simple gesture by police in Statesboro could help shape youngsters in one neighborhood.

Two officers saw a need and invested their own money and time to connect. The picture of their efforts have inspired people all over social media.

Steph and LeBron square off this week in the NBA Finals. But what two Statesboro police officers did in this neighborhood has gotten some attention of its own.

Cameron Bynes can't make every shot yet. But he can sharpen his skills now thanks to Officer J.D. Lewis and APO Shane Jenkins. The pair rode by last week and saw Cameron and others trying to play.

"They didn't even have a basketball. They were playing with a soccer ball. When we looked at the goal, it was half-broken and hanging down,” said APO Jenkins.

They went shopping for goals and a ball, brought them back and put them together. Cameron couldn't believe his eyes.

Jenkins and Lewis now stop by for a few minutes at a time to shoot hoops and connect.

"They're not going to listen to us if they're afraid of us and they won't listen to us if we haven't built a relationship,” said Lewis.

That relationship could help Cameron, or others, from getting lured into trouble elsewhere.

Someone posted pics and they went viral as people praised officers going above and beyond their job.

"We just got caught doing something good this time. That's how I see this,” said Jenkins.

A group called the Basketball Cop Foundation heard about them and has more goals on the way.

With another group shipping them more goals and basketballs, they'll do this same thing in another neighborhood very soon.

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