Update on Oatland Island wolf pups

Update on Oatland Island wolf pups

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It's June 1st, but this is probably the cutest thing you'll see all month.

Four wolf pups are at Oatland Island Wildlife Center. WTOC got to meet them in person on Wednesday.

There are three boys and one girl – all of them are adorable.

Oatland workers told WTOC the 5-week-old babies are just starting to become curious. That means running, splashing and chewing on everything in sight!

"We're going to be asking the community to help us name them. We are asking for a dollar donation to submit four names. We have four of them – three males and a female, so we're looking for four names. So people can help us out by submitting those names and the dollar donation will go towards the care and the upkeep of the wolves," said Heather Merbs.

There are already two adult male wolves at Oatland. They are both 15. There is also a 3-year-old female.

They have not met the new pups yet, but they will when they get a little bigger!

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