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Crews working hard to repair washed out road in Bulloch County

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Some Bulloch County residents still can't get around their neighborhood due to road damage left by Tropical Storm Bonnie, but road crews say they're making progress. 

All the rain Bonnie brought with her turned Riverview Road into a river of its own. Even with the water gone, you can see the damage left behind. 

The canyon-like hole in the road gets smaller with each truckload of dirt. Robbie and Miriam Terrell can only watch for repairs that will help them get out from their weekend cabin.

"We came up here just for the Memorial Day Weekend, and we've been here ever since," they said. 

Others remain as isolated as the Terrells. The rain washed out walls of a pond, which flooded the road.

County crews began rebuilding one dam on Tuesday so they could get dirt and equipment to the rest of the damage.

"We're running nine trucks of dirt back and forth out here, which is about as many as we load, and keep them moving," said Dink Butler, Transportation Director. 

The Terrells see the effort first hand.

"How hard are they working out here? Oh, these guys are working their...cans off," they said. 

They're loading tons of clay to rebuild the dirt road foundation, and will come back with a sandier top layer. Some of this could wash away with another heavy rain. Butler says dirt roads are plenty of work, but paving would be more.

"Bulloch County's got 900 miles of dirt roads. If we started paving them all, it would take a lot of time and money," he said. 

For now, Butler is focused on this particular road. He hopes they can finish it by late Friday, then focus on the less damaged roads next week. 

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