Fire Damages Daycare

Do your kids do fire drills at school or daycare? That kind of practice pays off. Here's proof. Someone smelled something burning at Terry's Daycare on Staley Avenue in Savannah late this afternoon. The staff and students knew just what to do: get out.

They all made it to their meeting place and watched the excitement from a safe distance. Pretty scary stuff for the parents and the little ones.

"They're pretty okay," said parent April Johnson. "The baby is the brave one and the big one was the baby. She's pretty shaken up, but she's okay. It was pretty scary. Very scary."

An overheated exhaust fan in a bathroom sparked the fire. The daycare has a sprinkler system, but it's below the fire and didn't kick in.

The center has relatively minor fire and smoke and water damage. It should reopen next week.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,