Commissioner, Residents Meet on Whitefield Avenue Widening

It's supposed to widen the roads and make getting around easier, but will it tie up traffic in the meantime? That's what neighbors want to know when it comes to widening Whitefield Avenue. Chatham County commissioner Helen Stone hosted a meeting last night on the project, along with work on the Truman Parkway.

They're worried about what it's going to do. "Everyone wants the traffic to flow well," said Savannah resident Joyce Murlless. "Nobody likes standing for a long time on their way to work in the morning or home in the evening, but we're also concerned about the children's safety. There's a school, a playground. We don't need cars coming through at 45 to 50 miles an hour."

Stone plans to speak with county engineers about residents' concerns. She's also planning more talks about the widening project at future meetings in Chatham County's First District.

Reported by: WTOC staff