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Weather poses difficulties in massive Glennville fire cleanup

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The weather could not come at a worse time for crews trying to clean up after a devastating fire in Glennville. 

They fought the rain on Monday to move rubble and debris out of the street and off the sidewalk. The fire Sunday morning destroyed three buildings and damaged two more. It had part of Barnard Street closed, which is one of Glennville's busiest streets. 

City leaders say they're trying to get it open, but to also keep people safe at the same time. 

"With walls still standing so close to the sidewalks, we're just keeping it to a minimum the people who just have to be down here until this gets cleaned up," said Mayor Chris Roessler.

Central Pharmacy has been a fixture forever in downtown Glennville. Monday, despite the pouring rain, the owners and employees have been inside salvaging what they can and setting up shop across the street in a vacant storefront.

They know customers depend on them for medications and they're grateful for all the help to get back on their feet.

“They do all they can to help you get going and, in this world, that's one of the things why Glennville is so great,” said Scott Rogers, Central Pharmacy.

They had off-site records that help them once they get some medications shipped to them. In the meantime, they're working with other pharmacies in town to handle customer's emergencies.

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