Crews in Jasper Co. prepping for potential flooding

Crews in Jasper Co. prepping for potential flooding

JASPER CO., SC (WTOC) - WTOC was at the Emergency Operations Center in Jasper County on Monday, near some of the same areas that got hit hard from last week's storm, Tropical Storm Bonnie.

Officials say they're making sure they're ahead of the game this time. They're ramping up patrols all over the county, including crews with the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

"Whether it be half an inch or six inches, they're going to go ahead and close the roads so it may affect people a little more if we have running water across the roadways this time. But for safety purposes we're going to go ahead and make those calls early and not have it wait later in the game to close the roads off," Jasper County Emergency Services Director Wilbur Daley said.

Emergency services tells WTOC they learned from Tropical Storm Bonnie and have everything in place for this next storm should it cause major flooding. WTOC has been told as of 4 p.m. Monday, no roads are closed as of yet in Jasper County.

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