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C-130H2 Hercules sendoff at the 165th Airlift Wing

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A military sendoff Tuesday night. Saying goodbye to the last 1980's-era C-130 H2 Hercules at the165th Airlift Wing.

The Georgia Air National Guard says it's been upgrading to newer models since last year. It costs around $17 million and includes not only newer aircrafts, but flight line upgrades as well.

The Wing says although it's sad to see the last of eight go, it's a sign they're one step closer to accomplishing their mission.

"These were new airplanes for me. I flew older 1964-1970 models. So when I got here, these were Cadillacs. But now these newer ones, you get on board and they've got the new instrument panel. They have compatible lighting, it's like you're getting on to a brand new airplane even though they're still 20-years-old,” said Commander BG Jesse Simmons, GA Air National Guard.

The C-130 is now headed to what is affectionately called the Air Force "boneyard", located at Davis–Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona.

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