Tax Deadline Looms

Have you filed your taxes yet? If not, you don't have much time. For last-minute mailers, things are a little different this year. This year, you have two options: drop it off at the Fahm Street post office, which is the only post office offering full customer service until midnight, or do it yourself at two other locations.

Last-minute filers, like Megan Iorio, keep post office workers on their toes. "I'm a college student," she said. "I like to procrastinate."

And she's never alone. "It's the same every year, pretty standard," she said.

"It's less and less people each year," said Sandy Moore, who works for the post office. She says electronic filing has taken a bite out of post office traffic, and this year, Fahm Street will be the only post office where you can hand your return to a live person all the way up until midnight.

"We still have the older taxpayers who come in and want to see that April 15  postmark on their letter," Moore said.

But new this year, if you can't make it to Fahm Street, two other locations will be open too so you can do it yourself, using the automated postal center. Just take your letter, follow the easy instructions and file your return.

Gayle Kraft didn't wait in a line. She did it herself. "I think it was a lot quicker," she said. "I took the mail up to the machine and it told me what I needed to do."

"It makes it a lot easier for everybody," said Moore.

But technology is also giving the post office less to do. "Five years ago, we cancelled 100,000 pieces of mail. This year, we are down to 50,000, so it is dropping off."

But then again, there are taxpayers like Megan who will be back again, same time next year. "Probably, it's in my nature," she said.

And here are your options: you can drop your return off at the Fahm Street post office or you can use the automated postal service system at the Oglethorpe and Southside stations.

Reported by: Don Logana,