City Council tables vote on Savannah Area Film Office

City Council tables vote on Savannah film office

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A shake-up could be coming to the way films are brought and produced in Savannah.

The City Council will soon take up a vote that would create a citywide film office to be run by the Savannah Economic Development Authority.

This was debated in the city workshop and was supposed to be voted on Thursday, but members of the council felt that this moved too fast and believe that they needed to wait until the next meeting, which will be June 23, to take a vote.

However, it appears this will happen because a majority of the members were on board with the idea.

The governor announced that Georgia generated an economic impact of more than $6.2 billion and Savannah got about $58 million dollars. The city and the area wants more.

Right now, SEDA is responsible for most of the marketing functions for the film industry, and the city is responsible for permitting. With the help of the Film Commission, they provide many support services and conducting site visits.

That responsibility would be transferred to SEDA and the city will just be responsible for permitting. SEDA would not only partner with the city, but the county, Tybee and other entities that would benefit.

"Is this really the best avenue or are their other courses we can take? We were urging city council to really examine it," said Dana Braun, Film Commission.

"This industry is becoming more than just a city of Savannah industry. What we are trying to do is bring all that into a one stop shopping activity for the whole community, Tybee, the county, the city you name it, not just the city," said SEDA President Trop Tollison.

Everyone on council asked for more time to look at the memorandum of understanding, siting that this had moved too fast.

However, expect this to happen without much push back, and the hope is it will be an engine in creating more productions here.

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