Tim's Take: 79-year-old tennis player

Tim's Take: 79-year-old tennis player

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - For an afternoon match on a day that felt like 95, the warmup might have been a little redundant.

It certainly wasn't as unique as one of the women getting ready to play.

"Oh, my gosh, she's unbelievable," Robin Greco said of her playing partner for the USTA Georgia State Senior Tennis Championships. "She's in better shape than me, she makes me look bad, she's great. She's amazing."

Robin Greco calls her partner a lot of things. Mostly she calls her "mom."

79-year-old Norma Robinson - half of the Savannah pair playing for a spot in the national championships – is playing because, Robinson says, she wouldn't want to be doing anything else on a sticky Savannah day.

"I feel worse when I don't do anything than when I'm running around on the tennis court," said Robinson. "Sometimes we'll play four days in a row and I'm fine, then we'll have a day off and I'm thinking, I can't walk."

Robinson doesn't often walk on the court, part of the role she assumed when mother and daughter became doubles partners seven years ago.

"Well, I'm the runner, believe it or not," she said. "I run and try to set up Robin and she puts the ball away very well."

"She's the machine, yes she is," added Greco. "She runs all over the place. Most of the time, our opponents give up on the shot and she gets it."

Robinson eventually gets those opponents attention too, as she did this morning in a tie-breaker loss to the defending state champions.

"We were amazed," said Cindy Zgol, who along with Donna Bailey outlasted the mother-daughter team Friday morning. "We didn't find out until late in the match that she was turning 80. It was just amazing."

Eighty arrives in October for Robinson.

But that will not be any kind of tennis deadline for someone who doesn't know how long she'll play.

"I'll play until I can't. I guess I'll know when it's time," said Robinson. "I don't feel my age I guess. So I don't think about age."

In the state tournament, she wasn't playing her age either.

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