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South Carolina voters head to the polls for primary elections

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South Carolina voters head to the polls on primary Tuesday with big races on the ballots.

There are three ballots in total that include one for the Republican primary for solicitor in circuit 14 and two for Democratic races. The difference between the two is district 122 residents vote for the House of Representatives.

The two important races include a council race and a sheriff’s race. The current sheriff, Greg Jenkins, has been in office since 2008 and will run against the other candidates: Chris Malphrus, Charles Mitchell and Keefe Blatchely.

Charles Mitchell has been in law enforcement for 12 years and addressed that he wants to see the crime rate reduced in Jasper County.

Malphrus has worked with the Ridgeland police department for almost 18 years and wants to attack the drug problem. Both of the candidates, Malphrus and Mitchell, want to see more deputies on the streets.

All sheriff’s candidates will be on the democratic ticket.

Officials say one of the issues that voters are running into deals with choosing their political affiliation.

The director of elections in Jasper County, Jeanine Bostick, says Tuesday’s voting turn out is low but she expects to see more people later on.

“Everyone is saying the sheriff’s race is the big race but I think they’re all big and important so it’s important if you haven’t already got out there to please get out and cast your vote by 7 p.m. tonight in all of our races," said Bostick.

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