Hometown Heroes: Savannah Jaycees Tybee cleanup

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - It was not the average day at the beach. But the work being done was about average for the Savannah Jaycees.

"We're a service organization," Jaycees Vice President for Community Development Lauren Mathews said of the sprucing up on Tybee Island the organization did last weekend. "At the root of us, we are about giving back to our community."

The community the Jaycees chose last weekend was Tybee and the project was re-beautifying Jaycee Park, a recreation area named for the organization that's for the entire community.

"We're fixing some trash receptacles," said Mathews. "We're repainting the park sign, cleaning up around the park and also rebuilding the horseshoe pit."

And the organization that rebuilt itself in recent years, from a low of just a few members to now a steady 40 professionals under 40, is also building a bridge to its past.

Several Jaycees alumni were among the group at Tybee Saturday.

"I think it's one of our biggest missions this year, to rebuild our legacy," said Jaycees president, Cheryl Lawrence. "Since 1942, the Savannah Jaycees have been having an impact on Savannah and even though we died down for a little bit for a while, we're trying to rebuild that. We're trying to show the connection from the past to the present. I think it's something that's unique to our organization, something that can make us better and inspire us as well."

And with the inspiring work they did Saturday, these WTOC Hometown Heroes showed what they can bring to the local community.

"Stuff like this is important to us and it's going to be important to us moving forward," said Mathews. "So, this is kind of a message to the city of Savannah, the city of Thunderbolt, the city of Tybee, the city of Port Wentworth and all the cities around us to say we're here to help you, use us as an organization to help improve your cities."

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