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Have You Heard: Orlando charity scams and Fed Ex/UPS phone schemes


It's as low as you can get, but thieves will do anything. Even take advantage of horrific situations like the Orlando club massacre.

Plus, have you heard the Better Business Bureau wants to warn you about criminals pretending to work for UPS and FedEx.

WTOC viewers have messaged me on Facebook telling me con artists have called claiming they missed a recent delivery at home, and they want to know a good time to stop by again. Do not reply to these phone calls. FedEx and UPS will leave you notices. They will not call you.

These thieves are waiting for you to tell them you will not be home, so they can plan to break in when you're not there.

We all know how generous Americans can be. When something like what happened in Orlando takes place, our hearts tell us to help. Sadly, scammers seize the opportunity to use the Orlando tragedy to steal money.

They create fake Twitter accounts claiming to be Pulse nightclub and make bogus links for donations. Twitter suspends those accounts when they're reported, but that may not happen fast enough.  

Con artists also create websites for groups that have names that are really close to legitimate ones, hoping to confuse potential donors.

GoFundMe isn’t perfect either and makes no promises about the truthfulness of the campaigns there, and it takes 5 percent of every donation as a fee. Donations made to GoFundMe aren't tax deductible, either.

When it comes to donating, use your head not your heart. Wait a few days to make your donation. Give to reputable groups, people with a history of doing well and be smart. Report something fishy.

The Better Business Bureau has offered 10 tips for donating to the tragedy in Orlando. Please click here. 

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