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Campaign Countdown: Two unpopular candidates in November?

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Much of the talk this week has been about gun control in the wake of the Orlando Massacre, and finally the two presumptive presidential nominees are agreeing on something. 

Donald Trump said Wednesday that he is open to limiting firearm access to people on any FBI watch lists. Hillary Clinton responded by saying quote "welcome to the cause" and then took a shot at Trump for temporarily wanting to ban Muslims from coming to the United States.

"So not one of Donald Trump's reckless ideas would have saved a single life in Orlando. It is more evident he is unfit and totally unqualified to be Commander in Chief,” said Clinton.

Trump, speaking in Atlanta on Wednesday, accused Clinton of wanting to abolish the second amendment and said electing her could destroy America.

Trump and Clinton are turning out to be two of the most unpopular candidates ever. Both candidates have unfavorable ratings of over 50 percent in a recent CBS News poll. But just 30 percent feel Trump is prepared to be president, including an increasing number of members of the GOP. 

A lot of people could be holding their noses in November, according to SSU Political Science Professor Dr. Robert Smith.

"And again if voters are more inclined for some of the Hillary Clinton type positions, I think maybe despite holding their noses they are going to cast a ballot.  And I think the same thing can be said for Donald Trump as well where you might hold your nose a little bit about making the choice in the secrecy of the ballot box, but by the same token that represents a better choice than the other side and so I think ironically those two negatives may, on some levels, sort of cancel each other out.  Which is why I'm predicting a very lively campaign and it will be very interesting and, I have to say this, a very close campaign,” said Dr. Smith.

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