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Father of GSU nursing student victim discusses indictments


Thursday we heard from the father of one of the Georgia Southern nursing students killed in a crash on I-16 last spring.

Abbie DeLoach was one five victims. On Wednesday, we learned the truck driver, and trucking company he worked, for are facing criminal charges.

Jimmy DeLoach is in agreement with the path of criminal prosecution, but adds he doesn't necessarily want to see the driver of the truck that slammed into the vehicle his daughter was in, his words were, “rot in jail.”

John Wayne Johnson and the company he drove for, Total Transportation, were indicted this week by a Bryan County grand jury. Johnson faces five counts of first degree vehicular homicide among other charges.

If found guilty on all charges, Johnson could face upwards of 25 years in prison.

DeLoach says he believes Johnson feels remorse for what happened, and will have to carry that with him for the rest of his life.

"People make mistakes, and I myself have made many. But I don't necessarily feel like that you can hold a person not accountable, but you can hold a person responsible,” DeLoach said.

To clarify, DeLoach says he'd rather see some kind of a settlement where the trucking company puts up money to go into a scholarship fund for students wanting to go to Georgia Southern.

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