Savannah neighborhood sees rash of burglaries

Savannah neighborhood sees rash of burglaries

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A neighborhood on Savannah's east side is on edge after several burglaries in the past few weeks. Now they're pleading for police to do more.

They're afraid and they're upset. They told me they haven't seen anything like this in years.

"These young guys started being in the neighborhood, watching people's houses, they're watching people's cars when they're going back and forth to work," said Tania Milton, burglary victim.

This past Sunday, a thief smashed in a window at Milton's house in the 2400 block of Florida Avenue and got away with two TVs and a gaming console, but her house isn't the first.

In the past month alone, at least five homes were burglarized here.

Not only did these burglaries all happen in the same neighborhood, they happened on this very street with some of the houses just next door or across the street from each other.

And neighbors are picking up on a pattern. Almost every time, the burglar smashes a window and steals electronics. Victims have ranged from young families to elderly people who live alone.

"They're scared to be in their own homes. They're scared to be asleep at night. Every little noise they hear, they're up, because they think someone is breaking back into their house," said Milton.

In her 29 years of living here, Sarah Tankslay has never seen crime on her street quite like this. Prescription medicine and two TVs were stolen from her home a week ago Thursday.

"I was upset ever since. I sit on the porch every day, because I ain't got no TV to watch," said Tankslay.

But here's the thing. The neighbors recognize the suspect and have seen him around the neighborhood before.

"We call the police department when we spot this guy, when we see this guy. Nobody comes out, nobody returns your phone calls back," Milton said.

Neighbors tell me they want to be taken seriously, and they're asking for more police patrols.

"They only come out here if there's something going on, if there's an altercation. We're way back here by the marshes. We need to have a little bit more police involvement," said Simone Reese, neighbor.

The neighbors describe the suspect as a black male weighing about 120 pounds and standing 5 foot 7 inches tall. They say he goes by "Janard."

I did reach out to Metro police Thursday, but they were unavailable for comment.

UPDATE (Friday, 4 p.m.): Police say the precinct captain is aware of the situation and detectives are working those burglary cases. They have been over in that neighborhood investigating since the burglaries happened.

Police also say there has only been one call to police about a suspicious person there in the past week, and that was on June 14. That caller described seeing two black males, possibly teenagers. They rang a doorbell and then took off running. According to a police spokesperson, the caller gave them a vague description and would not give police their contact information.

Police urge anyone with more specific information to contact detectives or CrimeStoppers at 912.234.2020.

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