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Consider This Editorial- Cleveland wins a championship

It seems that, at least for now, God no longer hates Cleveland.

On Sunday the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals, in historic manner no less, ending 52 years of futility, and worse, stunning heartbreak for the city.

Since 1964, no major Cleveland sports team has been able to win it all, though coming painfully close on a number of occasions. Their near misses were so devastating over the years each would be summed up in a one-word heart piercing moniker.

For the Browns, there was the Drive in '87, followed by the Fumble in '88. For the Cavs in 1989 Michael Jordan made the Shot and in 1997 the Indians were two outs away from a World Series win before the Blown Save.

But the city’s biggest heartbreak came in 2010 with The Decision. LeBron James, local son and hero, decided to take his talents to South Beach, taking with him the hopes and dreams of an entire city.

Consider this: we all make decisions from time to time that we may learn to regret. It’s human nature. But the key, and the lesson from the Cavs win and LeBron James’ return to Cleveland two years ago, is when you make a mistake, own up it and do everything you can to make it better.

That’s what LeBron did, and that’s what made him champion and that’s why Cleveland Rocks, at least until football season.

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