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Heavy rains impact crops in Bulloch County

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We can all feel the days getting hotter as we get closer to the 100 degree mark.

Crops in Bulloch County and Southeast Georgia are facing these temperatures too, and they could be more vulnerable this summer.

More than a foot of rain already this season didn’t help as much as you might think.

Timing means everything. That's certainly true in South Georgia this time of year when it comes to crops in the field and getting too little or too much rain.

Some of the crops in South Georgia are not standing as tall as they normally would be due to more than a foot of rain a month ago that blasted the crops in their earliest stage.

The crops saw as much rain in that month alone as they average in an entire summer. It has forced many farmers to replant much of the crops.

“Whether you got all that rain and it pounded the seed down in the ground and you couldn’t get it going, or the rain came and just stayed in the field for several days,” said Bill Tyson of the University of Georgia’s Extension Service. “We’ve now got places in the county that need a good rain. But we’ve also got places in the county that could skip the next rain and be perfectly fine.”

Farmers must now rush to get chemicals sprayed to keep away insects and disease so the plants can grow. Plenty of cotton looks weak as well. The rains actually helped corn plants because they were already growing when it poured.

Tyson said the next few weeks will be critical for these plants to catch up and thrive provided they get the right combination of sun and rain.

He and others will watch the fields and wait.

Tyson says the honeymoon period for these plants is just about gone and it’s time for them to sprout up and get ready to yield later this year. 

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