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Mayor wants big changes to Bay Street in Savannah

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We all know that Bay Street is one of the busiest streets in the city. With parking, pedestrians and semis, that street can be dangerous.

That is why the mayor wants to see immediate changes that he thinks will keep folks safer.

The mayor is hoping to eliminate all parking on the south side of Bay Street from MLK all the way down to East Broad. He also wants to repaint Bay Street so that it is straighter. He believes right now it is too congested and when large semis come down Bay, it is a recipe for disaster.

The mayor brought this up during council work session Thursday. Many of the council agreed with him but fear that taking away parking and straightening out the street may lead to even more congestion and speeders.

Doing away with parking on the south end of Bay Street would eliminate 25 to 30 parking spaces. Many on the council believe it is a good idea, but want some sort of traffic calming solution so that the speed stays under control.

The mayor also cited the danger of parking so close to moving vehicles.

"You're taking your life in your hands. You know, you're looking out your back mirror, you're wondering when you can dash out and dash around the car because you're concerned about being run over. Because the width of those lanes make it where you have to basically loop around somebody,” said Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach.

The mayor wanted to move immediately, but the council decided to wait 28 days and get a study back on how to best implement the changes.

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