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No free utilities for Savannah residences, bills will be coming more frequent

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If you live in Savannah, you probably weren't getting a utility bill the first couple months of the year. That doesn't mean everything was free.

You are still going to have to pay those bills.

The glitches in the new system they implemented in December, have for the most part, been fixed. The plan is to bill customers a little more frequently until the city is caught up.

Keep in mind, a lot of customers are only one pay cycle behind. So it shouldn't have that big of an impact.

The reason they had to implement this new system was the old system was over 25 years old. The new system will allow the city to do many different things including allowing citizens to pay online.

However, when they rolled it out, it didn't go well and they didn't want to send out the wrong bills. Billing has resumed, you usually get a bill every 8 to 10 weeks. Now, you can expect a bill every 6 to 8 weeks until the revenue is made up.

"It is a relatively small rate increase and it is also important to note that they're going to get a bill and there is going to be a due date on that bill. They're not going to get another bill until that due date has passed. So if they got a bill and it's got a due date of July 6th, they are not going to get another bill before that July 6th due date,” said Revenue Director Cindy Landolt, Savannah.

Currently, revenues are 50 percent of expected amounts, however, the city hopes by year's end, they will be in line with annual projections. 

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