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Candler County investigators search for dog's abuser

(Source: CCSO) (Source: CCSO)

Dogs get abandoned all the time unfortunately. But one case has investigators in Candler County searching for who left an animal in unusual distress.

Now the case has a national group offering a big time reward. Investigators want to know who abandoned this dog last week and especially left it the way they did.

Animal Control got the call last Monday of a dog on the Stillmore Highway. They couldn't believe what they found, a dog with tape around his head and a heavy chain around his neck.

“You hear about cases like this, but until you see one you don't know how bad it can be,” Metter's Public Works Director Cliff Hendrix said.

They took him to the vet and learned he's in good health otherwise. Hendrix said they've seen neglected animals in bad shape, but this is different.

“Malnutrition is bad, but this is worse to a degree because you know this was intentional,” Hendrix said.

Their investigation got a boost when the U.S. Humane Society offered a $5,000 reward for information in the case.

“It shows that this is serious and that we take animal cruelty as serious business,” Hendrix said.

They'll eventually find the dog a new home, but they hope he can offer some clues to lead to his old owner first.

Anybody with information about this guy needs to contact Metter Animal Shelter at 912.685.7877 or the Candler County Sheriff's Office at 912.685.2568. 

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