Consider This Editorial: Biking in Savannah

Consider This Editorial: Biking in Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - In less than a month Savannah has seen two people killed while riding their bicycles in traffic.

Judy Grossman, an elite cyclist, was riding in a large group with the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia when she was killed on treacherous Bay Street.  Roberto Maganya was going to visit his sister at night on Highway 80 using the only transportation he had: his bike.

The two deaths speak to a disturbing fact: Savannah has more bicycle collisions and fatalities than anywhere else in the state. And that's not per capita, its actual numbers.

The Atlanta Metro area, with 15 times the population, has fewer bicyclists involved in accidents.

Consider this: Bicycling is on the rise, and not just as a sport, but also as a viable source of transportation. Savannah is the number one city in Georgia in terms of the numbers of bicycle commuters and seventh in the south.

Every bicycling commuter represents a parking place we're not fighting for, an energy source we're not subsidizing, a high blood pressure bill we're not paying. It's been four years since the city has made a major investment in our bicycle infrastructure, the last project being the Price Street bike lane.

The city of Savannah needs to do better, facilitating all of the positive possibilities of bicycling by creating a network of routes that allow people to travel safely on their bikes from one end of the city to the other.

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