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Investigators searching for armed robbery suspect in Bulloch Co.

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An armed robbery in a store outside Statesboro has more people upset besides just the owner, mainly because of the things the owner does for the community.

The suspect walked into the country store and put a gun in the clerk’s face. After calling 911, the clerk called owner James “Bubba” Revell.

“The clerk was hysterical on the phone and said, ‘Bubba, we’ve been robbed!’” said Revell.

He is thankful the store wasn’t busy at the time and that neither the clerk nor any customers got hurt. Revell said he would have helped the man if he needed the money for food.

“He didn’t have to put his life and everybody else’s in jeopardy yesterday,” said Revell.

The crime also felt personal to Bubba, who volunteers as a reserve deputy and D.A.R.E instructor.

“We don’t tolerate this behavior in Bulloch County, it’s not who we are. We’re a giving community, not a taking one,” said Revell.

The up-close photo of the suspect has already gone viral through the sheriff’s office and WTOC.

“Excellent video from the security system. We hope it gets spread far enough that somebody who’s related to this guy or knows him calls in a tip,” said Chief Deputy of Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office, Jared Akins

Bubba has his own message for the robber.

“You made a poor decision. You put yourself and others in jeopardy. Now, the best thing to do is turn yourself in,” he said.

Revell doesn’t want anybody else, in the community or beyond, to face this man and his gun.

One customer summed it up. This man did not just rob Bubba, he robbed all of Bulloch County.

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