Student Assaulted At Groves High School

Groves High School parents and students are up in arms after another attack on school property.

Parents rushed to the school when they heard that two men assaulted a girl in the bathroom -- some coming to take their children home, others wondering why the school can't keep the students safe.

Wendy Jones, a parent stated that "Nobody in there knows what's going on, my daughter is black, I am white, I've been in there a dozen times to pick her up and they don't know who I am, they've never asked me who I am."

Campus Police say they are doing everything that they can to protect the students. Chief Ulysses Bryant said "These are things that, unfortunately, in todays society we have to deal with. We have to make necessary adjustments in order to ensure safety of our children."

We did speak to principal Lucille Phillips. She says that, from now on, Garden City Police and Campus Police will share jurisdiction of Groves High School.

This is the second time this month that someone attacked a female student in the bathroom.