Former Statesboro High football player dies after being hit by car in Hampton Co.

Former Statesboro High football player dies after being hit by car in Hampton Co.


Shaquille Johnson, a former Statesboro High School football player, died over the weekend after being hit by a car in Hampton County.

Police say Kamille Jenkins was driving on South Carolina 363 when she hit at least six pedestrians, sending all of them to the hospital where Johnson was pronounced dead.

Johnsons mother Barbara Johnson said he was a joy to be around.

"I’m sure going to miss him because that's my baby, you know. I just can’t believe what has happened to him because he never got into any trouble,” said Barbara Johnson. "I have a pain in my heart and it just won't leave because when I think of what happened to him and how it happened and how they treated him."

Johnson was the youngest of five children. His oldest sister LaTonya Scott said they had an unbreakable bond and although he was more than a decade younger than her, he was her protector.

"I will not rest until justice is served for my brother,” said LaTonya Scott.

The brother Aurtura Johnon, says he kept his brother out of trouble and never thought he would die before him.

“Life is short,” said Aurtura Johnson.

Johnson loved the sport of football. It was one of the main things everyone talked about when they mentioned him, including his coach, Steve Pennington.

Pennington says Johnson was in the program for all four years and was the passionate nose guard on the field.

Off of the field, Johnson had a great sense of humor and all of the players loved him and his personality.

Coach Pennington says he was blessed to work with Johnson because of his positive spirit and ability to take constructive criticism, which made him a better player and person overall.

“He valued what other people thought and he certainly respected authority and he wanted to please those who were in authority, you know he just had such a gentle spirit and enjoyed life,” said Coach Pennington.

Coach Pennington also talked about Johnson’s unforgettable smile, something his mom will never forget.

The family said Johnson will be laid to rest on Saturday at noon at Body of Christ Assemblies on 2103 Brian Court in Statesboro.

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