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Bluffton neighborhood under boil water advisory

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Residents of Hampton Hall in Bluffton received some free bottled water this week after a problem with the irrigation system connection prompted a boil water advisory.

The Beaufort Jasper Sewer and Water Authority said they received several complaints from residents of discolored water that led them to investigate.

The agency fixed the problem and then it showed right back up less than 24 hours later.

A fire in the neighborhood at the beginning of the week was looked at as a possible cause.

However, the agency found that a device used to separate the irrigation system from the county's sewer system malfunctioned and caused some of the irrigation water to spill into the drinking water system.

"We had received some colored complaints of the water. We cleared them up one day and then they came back. So, we started doing some further investigating and found out we had a problem with the irrigation system and our drinking water system,” BJSWA Director of Operations Joe Devito said.

The advisory urges residents to boil any water they would use for drinking, cooking and dishwashing, but BJSWA said the advisory does not affect water used to bathe in.

The agency has been collecting water samples for the past few days.

"Our normal process of evaluating the discoloration complaints, we always test for chlorine, which is what disinfects the water. Never during anytime here did we see a lack of disinfectant pro. So, that's why we knew we could do an advisory and test the water and be fine, we've been doing that making sure it's there, and we're doing that tonight,” Devito said.

Despite the advisory, the agency said the water was properly disinfected.

“It was a failure of a device that protects those two that allowed a little bit of the water to come out. We removed that connection completely so it will never happen again,” Devito said.

The agency said those results from the water sample tests should be back Thursday evening. If the samples are not contaminated, the advisory will be immediately lifted.

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