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SCMPD warns about celebratory gunfire

(Source: Raycom Media) (Source: Raycom Media)

Thousands will converge in Savannah this weekend for the Fourth of July holiday, and as always, Savannah-Chatham Metro Police have to react and deal with that influx.

We have talked about fireworks safety and driving sober, but there is one more warning that may be the most important of them all: celebratory gunfire.

This has become more and more of a problem over the past couple of years with calls of folks popping off a few rounds increasing over the past three years.

Couple of reasons why this is a problem. One with the current climate of high crime in the city, the chance of panic is high. Also, just because a bullet is fired into the air doesn't mean it is not deadly. That bullet has to come down and it comes down with deadly force.

Metro police will be all hands on deck but say that if they are responding to folks firing guns, which will take them away from monitoring traffic, watching for drunk drivers, dealing with actual serious crimes.

"If you are out in your backyard and you decide to crack a couple rounds you will go to jail. You won't get a ticket, you won't get a warning, you won't get put in the back of a paddywaggon and your friends can see you the next morning on the booking website,” said Cpt. Ashley Brown, SCMPD. "This weekend is especially taxing because of the traffic issues and the number of people that will coming in this weekend to celebrate. So, we have more folks on the street, more police officers on the street to deal with that but it does take away from those things when we are having to ride out on calls of guns be fired."

If you think you will not get caught, remember SCMPD has ShotSpotter now and that tool can pinpoint to a foot where that shot was fired.

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