Good News: Savannahian turns 102

Good News: Savannahian turns 102

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Mina Kirshner turned 102 Thursday, marking her birthday with family at a party, with cake and candles and singing, and a slightly reluctant birthday girl going along with things.

"Actually, it's just another day," said Kirshner, before succumbing to her guests' wishes. "Well, if they want to celebrate, I won't stop them."

And there is reason to celebrate Ms. Mina's milestone as well as how she got there, a life during which she never smoked, drank or drove.

"My husband was frightened for me to drive," Kirshner said. "He said I'll have people drive you or I'll drive you, but I don't want you to touch the wheel."

Or maybe the secret to longevity is the one indulgence she did always allow herself.

"I like a good piece of candy," she said. "I like a good piece of chocolate, I don't like the cheap stuff."

"She likes to eat a lot of candy," added Stephanie Reese, a certified nurse's assistant who works with Kirshner at Abercorn Rehabilitation Center. "She always likes chocolate, we bring her chocolate. She's a pleasant person."

She has also seen more than most people ever will, from women getting the right to vote when she was 5 years old to unimaginable changes in transportation and technology that she still likes to keep up with.

"I like to read about progress," Kirshner said. "I like where they're learning more about medicine and people going to the moon."

And she said that is still the most remarkable of all the history she has witnessed in 102 years.

"I think," she said, "man walking on the moon, I would say."

But she was the only one saying Thursday wasn't something special.

"No, it feels the same way as yesterday began, and it'll feel the same way tomorrow," Kirshner said. "Every day feels the same."

Even the day you turn 102.

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