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NFL players return home to Beaufort to help at football camp


Beaufort County is known as the home of renowned author Pat Conroy and Season 12 American Idol winner Candace Glover, but the county is also where several professional athletes call home.

Kansas City's Ron Parker and Detroit's Devin Taylor grew up in the county on St. Helena Island and Lady's Island, and this this week they were back in town to show the younger generation the ropes both on and off the field.

Beaufort High School, where both Parker and Taylor graduated from, hosted its 13th annual football camp. The camp was started as a way to give students something to do for the summer, but it's also an opportunity for the kids to meet guys in the big league that are from their own backyard.

"I think it's important for me to come back and give to the kids because by me physically being here, the kids being able to see and feel me, and while we're out they're running around, they can hear where I'm coming from, and at the same time get a feel of how we like to work and just go out there compete and work hard,” said Parker. “So I try to come out here and give a little knowledge to the kids and give back and teach them everything I know.”

Parker will actually be hosting his own football camp next week.  

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