Bats In School

Back in February, the bats drove people in Yamacraw - well batty - and out of their homes. Now they are driving kids out of their school. The head start school in Yamacraw Village is closed...the reason is bats.

For the past two days, the kids who usually go there have been bussed to other schools.   A mother of one of the students said that "we didn t know it was as serious as it is because they can t return to school no more until further notice."

Sandy Glicken of the Housing Authority say that "this is the same colony of bats that invaded homes in Yamacraw Village in February. We have tried to get them out of the attics and have fairly well succeeded in that. But now they are looking for new homes." Apparently, like the school.

So how did the bats get insid in the first place? Glicken said "there was an area around the chimney that wasn't sealed and there were some loose ceiling tiles that allowed them to get down from the attic into."

The Housing Authority thought they had the bat problem under control months ago.  But,  "the situation is going to continue until they decide they want to move somewhere else. We can t kill them or move them across county lines".

Parents don't care how they do it, they just want the bats gone and make sure they don't come back.

The Housing Authority says they could have the school bat-proof as early as tomorrow.